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Live Chat Cam

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Virtual sex chat or Live Chat Cams are gaining more followers every day, why? Well, it’s fun, exciting, thrilling and safer to have sex by chat with a stranger than to risk a sexual disease, although safety is always relative.

There are many ways to have a sex chat without taking any risk and fully enjoy our sexuality and all the glamour that comes from chatting sexually with someone. Here are some tips that we give you so that you can enjoy sending and receiving sex pictures and videos in complete safety.

The first thing we think before sending a naked picture is “What will you do with the picture”, so it is always advisable to have confidence with the person with whom we are going to have virtual sex. This way we avoid having problems further down the line. Also, remember that Live Chat Cams are not about sending a close-up of your penis or vagina to the beast. Everything takes time.

Live Chat Cam

Porn Live Chat Cam

The same goes for videos. If you’re going to send a sex tape, send it to someone you trust. You don’t want to end up on a porn site, do you? The best live xxx video thing is that these kinds of images are made without showing your face, so you avoid future problems.

Another recommendation is to use the sites developed exclusively for Live Chat Cams. Snapchat is a perfect site to have virtual sex since the conversations are deleted some time later.

If you are going to broadcast live, you must be 100% sure or sure that you are not being recorded. Again, you don’t want to end up on a porn site.